Build to Suit means building specifically for your needs; under this model, you obtain an industrial warehouse designed and built to suit your needs for operation, distribution, sales, storage, and operational activities.

Mexico's geographic location, infrastructure, and road, rail, and air connectivity to its main cities and ports, as well as to the United States and Canada, make it an ideal destination for manufacturing, e-commerce, or logistics companies.

Stages of developing a Build to Suit project


Choose a location

It can be an industrial lot that has all the services within a park, a speculative warehouse under construction, or land destined for the stand-alone industry.


Test Fit

To find the best layout that meets the needs of the company and takes advantage of the land in the best way.


Determine the specifications

A list of needs that the company has to develop its operation effectively is developed.

Points that are particularly developed in a Build to Suit project

  • Manufacturing/production area
  • Required office space, as well as locations within the industrial building
  • Types of walls and ceilings
  • Strength of concrete for floors and ramps
  • Types of access (ramps, loading docks, types of graders, mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, lighting, energy) free height of the building
  • Ventilation types
  • Water consumption needs
  • Required electrical energy, rights of KVA's and transformer, as well as power panels
  • Cistern/water tank
  • Fire protection system
  • Parking lots
  • Drop lots – Truck parking areas
  • Accesses and security booths
  • Special needs, such as reinforcement zones or increased floor thickness to receive cranes, among others
  • Cold rooms
  • Interior subdivisions (product separation)
  • Sealing of floors and/or epoxy to prevent spills
  • Special foundations

Project construction

By having all the specifications mentioned above, a *construction cost* and a *project execution time* can be defined.

A Build to Suit project can be run under a Open Book contract or you can define a base rent and additional income based on the level of investment.

And define a lease period (recommended 10 to 15 years), to amortize costs over time.







Developing a Build to Suit project helps to meet 5 general objectives


Full control of required needs


Actual increase in Productivity


Proper planning of activities


Have a 100% new building with the best quality standards


Guarantee the cost of the building

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