In Frontier Industrial, the Industrial Platform of Artha Capital, we consider environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) criteria to assess the sustainability of an investment, including both positive standards regarding the types of assets and projects that are suitable for investment due to their positive nature beyond the criteria.

We are committed to complying with the following policies within the framework of best practices and respecting the guidelines established by regulators in the following areas:



Based on the foundation of our Vision, Mission, and Strategic Plan, we will work towards finding activities, projects, and businesses that promote social well-being and environmental conservation and benefit our stakeholders.

By developing and implementing these policies, ARTHA CAPITAL will effectively integrate the identification, evaluation, and management of environmental and social risks in its activities and businesses. It will incorporate environmental and social aspects into its communication strategy, both internally and externally, promoting transparent communication of environmental and social performance.



ARTHA CAPITAL will analyze and manage its business activities' environmental and social risks, complying with local regulations and international standards. It will integrate the environmental and social variables into all operations, investing in responsible projects and mitigating risks in the sectors in which it operates. Compliance with applicable environmental and social legislation, as well as relevant international treaties, will be ensured. Efforts will be made to align operations with international standards, and suppliers will be required to adhere to good Human Rights, Labor Rights, Environment, and Anti-Corruption practices.



We will promote continuous improvement of good practices in environmental and social issues, which may be related to educational, economic, and financial aspects, creating added value for our stakeholders. We will strive to develop and implement initiatives involving sustainable best practices in our business operations.


Environmental preservation

Responsibly, ARTHA CAPITAL will promote and encourage the rational and efficient use of resources that need to be preserved in all its establishments and/or facilities, as well as in service contracts with suppliers, to prevent and eliminate negative environmental impacts.


Human rights

At ARTHA CAPITAL, we will ensure the respect, protection, and fulfillment of Human Rights by the Code of Ethics and Conduct provisions.



ARTHA CAPITAL will promote continuous service improvement and provide information to investors, ensuring that the information presented is accurate, clear, and comprehensive.


Labor Practices

According to ARTHA CAPITAL's Code of Ethics and Conduct, fair and equitable treatment will be provided to employees, promoting their comprehensive human development. Labor practices are recognized as fundamental to the performance of employees. Additionally, training on Social and Environmental Risk will be implemented to foster continuous improvement in these aspects.



ARTHA CAPITAL has a mechanism, established in the Code of Ethics and Conduct, to receive environmental and social complaints, allowing it to record, analyze, and address irregularities related to critical environmental and social risks as outlined in this policy. The purpose of this mechanism is to strengthen environmental and social performance.


Active community participation and development

ARTHA CAPITAL will manage strategies and activities through which we can contribute to improving the quality of life in the communities where we have developments by implementing social inclusion programs.


Gender Equality

By the provisions of this policy and compliance with the Code of Ethics and Conduct regarding Human Rights and Labor Practices in the Organization, ARTHA CAPITAL is committed to non-discrimination, equal treatment, and equal opportunities for its employees, considering the following aspects:

  • Review and assessment of gender pay gaps
  • Maintaining and promoting the participation of women in middle and senior management positions.
  • Implementing initiatives that aim to improve the work-life balance of employees.
  • Providing equal opportunities for hiring personnel.
  • Using inclusive and non-sexist communication, both internally and externally.

Promoting social and environmental well-being is a profitable investment

As part of our investment responsibility, we consider the long-term consequences for society and the environment. We aim to generate returns while creating measurable social and environmental impacts that contribute to positive outcomes.

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