Ideal for light manufacturing sectors, automotive parts, aerospace, plastic and chemical industries, logistics & distribution.


  • Easy access to the Monterrey market, derived from its proximity to the US border (Laredo)
  • Availability of Class A inventory warehouses for rent with LEED certification
  • Closed Industrial Park with exclusive infrastructure for the 2 buildings
  • 12.5 hectares of shovel-ready land
  • Supply of energy and water available
  • Easy access to highly skilled labor

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Located 15 minutes away from Mexico Intermodal (IMEX)
Located 25 minutes away from Monterrey International Airport


Connectivity through main highways:

  • Mex 85 Highway Monterrey - Salinas - Laredo
  • Mex 100 Highway Monterrey - Cadereyta
  • Mex 181 Highway Apodaca
  • Mex 40D Highway Monterrey - Apodaca
  • Ruiz Cortinez Avenue - Airport - Laredo
  • Monterrey
  • Ruiz Cortinez Avenue - Airport - Laredo
  • Monterrey International Airport

Infrastructure of Frontier Escobedo, Industrial Park in Monterrey

  • 24/7 security-controlled access
  • Public LED
  • Treatment plant for wastewater
  • Fire control system
  • Asphalt roadways

  • Efficient water supply
  • Recycled water for green areas maintenance
  • Regulating reservoir

  • Water recycling

The American e-commerce company Amazon, Inc.. chose Frontier Escobedo as the best option in the region.


Companies with operations in the area near Frontier Escobedo Industrial Park

Industrial activity in Monterrey, Nuevo León


1889 marked the beginning of industrial activities in Monterrey, with a brewery and a metallurgical foundry as precursors to the growth of the sector in the region.

Nearly 125 years later, there are industries in the following sectors in Monterrey:

  • Automotive
  • Food
  • Home appliances
  • Toys
  • Logistics activities
  • Plastics industry
  • Glass production
  • Cement
  • Medical supplies
  • Manufacturing

Its strategic location, skilled workforce, connectivity, extensive supplier base, and global business environment make Monterrey one of the most important regions for the industry in Mexico.


During 2022, Nuevo León recorded $4,397 million dollars in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).


It was the second entity with the highest FDI, following Mexico City with $10,923 million dollars.


In Nuevo Leon, there are 120 Class A & Class B industrial parks.

Nuevo Leon has world-class infrastructure and connectivity

The state of Nuevo Leon has two international airports (Mariano Escobedo International Airport and North International Airport), 1,091.9 kilometers of railways, 726 medical facilities, and 299 lodging establishments with 17,422 rooms.

In terms of connectivity, the Government of Nuevo Leon is working on important infrastructure projects, including:

  •  Libertad Dam: the completion of the project aims to ensure water supply in the state of Nuevo Leon.
  •  Colombia Customs: The facilities at the customs entry point to the United States will be expanded and modernized.
  •  Gloria-Colombia Highway: The purpose of the highway is to improve freight transportation to the Monterrey Metropolitan Area and reduce vehicular congestion by 15%.
  •  Interserrana Highway: it is intended to connect the northern and southern parts of the state and promote the development of southern Nuevo Leon.
  •  Salinas-Victoria Expansion: it will incentivize commercial activity in the Colombia Industrial Park and improve north-south connectivity in the state.
  •  García – Apodaca Train: it will be the first suburban cargo and passenger train in the state.
  •  Monterrey-San Antonio Train: a project developed in collaboration with the authorities of Texas to strengthen the economy of both cities.

The industrial corridor of Nuevo Leon has abundant access to highly skilled and specialized talent.

Frontier Escobedo, Industrial Park location in Monterrey

66077 Cd Gral Escobedo, Nuevo Leon, Mexico.